Bulk Orders

Yes, we create custom gun targets with your company logo on them!

At Freedom Gun Targets, we understand that branding your business is important. To help you with that, we offer custom gun targets that have your company logo on them. When you offer branded gun targets to your customers, it helps keep your business name in mind every time they go shooting. Contact us to learn more about custom targets.

All targets are printed on 60# offset paper unless otherwise noted or requested.


Targets up to 23" x 35"

1 Color 2 Color Full Color
2,500-3,999 24¢ each 27¢ each 45¢ each
4,000-4,999 23¢ each 26¢ each 44¢ each
5,000+ 22¢ each 25¢ each 43¢ each


12" x 18" Targets (and smaller)

1 Color 2 Color Full Color
2,500-3,999 17¢ each 19¢ each 22¢ each
4,000-4,999 16¢ each 18¢ each 21¢ each
5,000+ 15¢ each 17¢ each 20¢ each


Custom Target Graphic Design

We offer Free Custom Target Creation! All custom targets must be ordered in bulk quantities of 2500 or more.